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Charlotte Miller

Charlotte studied at Nordoff Robbins and obtained a Masters in Music Therapy in 2005.  She worked as a music therapist in NHS hospitals, schools and care homes delivering a variety of music, health and educational intergenerational programmes.


In 2017 Charlotte founded  Intergenerational Music Making and  has led and shaped with her team local and national initiatives. These include Together with Music  a national digital campaign in response to Covid, plus establishing several intergenerational and dementia Music Therapist hospital posts. IMM was the national music community activator for the Jubilee celebrations and Thank You Day 2021. 

Charlotte has been instrumental in involving IMM in global conferences and shaping local and national policies in relation to the importance of intergenerational music.  IMM has been recognised nationally and in 2021 Charlotte received from the Prime Minister a Point of Light award.

Charlotte believes strongly in the power of intergenerational music to bridge the gap between generations, addressing issues such as loneliness, isolation, those living with dementia and mental health issues. In 2023 Charlotte Co-Founded Intergenerational England aiming to promote an intergenerational ethos and advocate for individuals, organisations and government to embrace Intergenerational ways of working whilst offering a unique and welcomed solution to the challenges our society faces today.

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