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About MEC...

Our vision is a future where music education enables everyone to connect, grow and thrive...

Our mission is to nurture an environment where educators can support everyone to connect, grow and thrive through music.

There are two particular issues we have identified that are preventing us from achieving our vision:

  1. Many people find music education culturally and institutionally exclusionary​​

  2. There is a lack of diversity in UK's music leaders

In many ways, the first issue leads to the second. The barriers that currently exist in the sector prevent many people from being engaged in music education. This results a lack of diversity in UK music leaders which has a detrimental effect on everyone.

Studio Microphone

Working to bring about change...

We are doing this by:

  • convening partnerships of diverse organisations, networks and people 

  • gathering evidence for sharing and campaigning

  • advising government & wider social sector decision-makers

  • identifying barriers, opportunities, challenges and solutions

By being a Member of MEC you are supporting us to do this important work. You are also becoming part of the conversation, and part of the solution.

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